Scrape websites with ScrapeFlare API

ScrapeFlare handles scrapers, proxies, captchas and everything else so that you can focus on obtaining the data you need.

curl "" { "full_name": '...', "biography": '...', "profile_pic_url": '...', "posts_count": '...', "follows_count": '...', "followed_by_count": '...', "media_count": '...', "is_private": '...', ... }

Why ScrapeFlare

Find everything you need to scrape your target website in one place.

Easy To Integrate

Works out-of-the-box in any programming language that supports http requests. Simply send a request and receive data in JSON format.

Never Get Blocked

ScrapeFlare will automatically choose optimal scraping method and proxies to deliver successful results.

Regular Scraper Updates

ScrapeFlare updates the scrapers in case websites changes. Don't spend any time fixing scrapers.

Easy to scale up

ScrapeFlare handle millions API requests per month. Easily scale up when your business grows.

Fast And Reliable

Production ready scrapers with 99% uptime.

Growing Collection Of Supported Sites

ScrapeFlare supports a variety of scraping APIs: (tiktok scraper, instagram scraper, jobs scraper, shopify scraper, magento scraper) and regularly adds new scrapers. Contact support if you would like your target site added.